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Quaresma bid farewell to Santos: you make our dream of winning the European Cup come true

December 16-Portugal stopped in the last eight of the World Cup, coach Santos left office, former Portugal international Quaresma bid farewell to the coach on social media.
Quaresma posted a picture of him with Santos and wrote: “Thank you, coach, for making my childhood dream of becoming an European champion one day come true.”
“it’s easy to criticize and everyone knows how to speak, but the truth is that in addition to faith and luck, it takes a lot of work to lift the trophy.”
“I hope Santos will always be the inspiration and helmsman of the Portuguese who have a dream and are willing to fight for it. If so, in our history and life, we will still lift a lot of trophies! Thank you. ”
Quaresma became a free agent after leaving Guimaraes this summer and won Euro 2016 with Portugal.