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Ram: Messi influenced my generation and later generations of players to predict Argentina’s 3-1 win over France

December 16-in an interview with the German media RND a few days ago, former Germany captain Ram expressed his belief that Argentina would win the World Cup final, as well as Lionel Messi’s personal significance to him and his view of French star Grizman.
Ram insists on his view that Argentina will win the championship: “they have an outstanding player, but the most important thing is that they are a team on the pitch.” They all play defense, are very well organized defensively, and in the frontcourt there are top players who can decide the game. ”
In the World Cup final eight years ago, Messi and Argentina lost to Germany captained by Rahm. Now that Messi is trying to win the World Cup again, Ram said: “it will be his greatest personal honor.” For 15 years, Messi has been the yardstick of everything, he has left a deep impact on my generation and later generations of players, for everyone, even outside the football world, Messi is well known. ”
As for the question of comparing Messi with Pele and Beckenbauer, Ram said: “it is difficult to compare players of different generations.”
Ram also paid tribute to France, another team that reached the final: “when people see the players who are off the game and what kind of team they have on the pitch, they will find that they have a lot of talented and excellent players.”
Ram specifically mentioned Grizman: “Grizman fascinates me very much.” I watched the World Cup final in 2018, when he played in a more shadow-forward way, but now he is more defensive. I think he played a great World Cup. ”
For the World Cup final, Ram believes that both Argentina and France will come up with a line-up similar to that in previous games: “I think both of them want to create an offensive effect in a well-defended structure.”
Ram finally reiterated that he believes Argentina will be the final winner: “each of their players wants others to succeed and they are supporting each other.” In addition, there is a talented player Lionel Messi in their team. If I were to predict the score, I would say that Argentina would win 3-1. ”