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Reporter: Chelsea Football Club is willing to pay a transfer fee of more than 120 million euros for Enzo. Liverpool did not make an offer.

According to CBS reporter Ben Jacobs, Chelsea and Benfica are in direct negotiations on the transfer of Enzo Fernandez and the Blues are willing to offer a transfer fee higher than the termination fee in order to get more favorable payment terms.
Ben Jacobs wrote on social media: “Chelsea have negotiated directly with Benfica about Enzo Fernandez and, as previously reported, their strategy is to pay more than the termination terms (120 million euros) in order to get better payment terms, Benfica is not obliged to accept such terms unless the termination clause is triggered.
Chelsea are pushing for the transfer, although Benfica has indicated that they want to keep Fernandez until the summer (Chelsea can also try to reach an early agreement, but the main goal of the Blues is to get him now). However, due to the amount of fees Chelsea are prepared to pay, there are differences of opinion within Benfica’s board.
If the termination clause is not triggered, the key to everything is the transaction structure. For the Fofanah deal, Chelsea ensured that the payment terms were good for Leicester City, while for Fernandez, Chelsea wanted the payment structure to be more in line with their own interests, which meant that the total cost would be high. This is not an easy negotiation, but an ambitious negotiation.
Liverpool’s offer for Fernandez is not true, of course it is the player they admire. But just like Real Madrid, if they operate the transfer of Fernandez, it will only start next summer. Chelsea are trying to win the competition, but to do so, they will have to pay a lot of money. ”