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Reporter Nasser met with Levi to discuss the acquisition of Tottenham shares by Qatar Investment Company

January 9, CBS reporter Jacobs revealed on social media that Paris Club Chairman Nasser and Levy were in London
The meeting discussed the acquisition of a stake in Tottenham by Qatar Sports Investments.

Jacobs wrote: "Sources say Nasser and Levy met to discuss a ‘possible investment’ and nothing was said about the European Club Association aspect at all, with Nasser only representing Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) in London.
While Tottenham have denied there has been any discussion of a club stake, multiple sources have provided information to the contrary.

I’m also told that this isn’t the first time Levy has discussed a potential investment with Nasser, and interestingly, Levy also traveled to Qatar earlier this year.
Still, discussions between the two sides are at an early stage, and it’s unclear how (or if) things will progress.
But several sources familiar with the matter reiterated that Qatar Sports Investments has ambitions this year to take a minority investment in a Premier League club.

Qatar Sports Investments already owns 23 percent of the Braga club and is believed to be exploring the possibility of taking up to a 30 percent stake in the English club.
But the more realistic situation is that if they invest in the BIG6 club, they will have less shares.

Tottenham’s stance is to deny any news of any discussion of a stake investment, and until things have progressed or been officially announced, this is a normal and sensible reaction.
But there is no doubt that the issue is still being actively explored between Tottenham and Qatar Sports Investments of late.