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Reporter: Shaanxi Changan Athletic, the Chinese League A team, has come to the crossroads of life and death.

According to a report by reporter Wang Tao on December 30, Shaanxi Changan Athletic in China has encountered difficulties, and at present the club has reached a crossroads of life and death.
Wang Tao wrote in his personal social media: at this time 11 years ago, I made a film “Goodbye, Northwest Wolf” in Xi’an, when Shaanxi Football sent the Ba team to the south. Now, six-year-old Shaanxi Changan Athletic has come to the crossroads of life and death, even though they have begun to infiltrate into local life. The city is developing with each passing day, but football always repeats the script of the past.
In November this year, Changan Athletic was punished by the Football Association for deducting six league points because of unpaid wages. This season, Shaanxi Changan Athletic ranked fifth in the top one scoreboard.