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Reporter: Shenhua is expected to regroup in mid-February, and the wage arrears problem has entered a substantive resolution stage

January 12 According to reporter Ding Mengjie, Shenhua is expected to regroup in mid-February to prepare for the 2023 season.

In yesterday’s FA Cup semi-finals, Shenhua, which is dominated by young teenagers, lost 0-2 to Taishan and missed the final.
Ding Mengjie said that it is difficult for many young players to accept such an ending for the first time. They feel a sense of frustration, but this can accumulate experience and courage for the future.

After the FA Cup, Shenhua will take a long vacation to rest. The team is expected to regroup at the Cambridge base in mid-February, and the club’s shareholding reform-related work will not stagnate during this period.

Ding Mengjie also said that Shenhua’s wage arrears issue has entered a substantive stage of resolution. The club and the players themselves have basically reached an agreement on the wage arrears of domestic players. The next step is to solve the wage arrears of former foreign teachers and foreign players.