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Reporter talking about Guoan’s contract situation: Wang Gang will basically have no problem staying in the team, and naturalized players are not optimistic about renewing their contracts

January 2 After the end of this season, the contracts of some players of the Chinese Super League Beijing Guoan team will expire.
Reporter Zhang Kunlong issued an article saying that among domestic players, Wang Gang’s contract renewal is not a big problem, but the situation of the two naturalized players Li Ke and Hou Yongyong is not optimistic.
After the end of this season, the contracts of 8 domestic players including Wang Gang, Yu Yang, Jin Pengxiang, Zou Dehai, Jin Taeyan, Hou Yongyong, Liu Huan and Liu Guobo expired.
Regarding the progress of the contract renewal, Zhang Kunlong revealed: "I saw some fans asking about the situation of the 8 domestic players who expired, so let’s talk about it… There are a few veterans who are the same age as me or who are on the sidelines.
I stayed with the team, but I think it should be fine just now, as for the two naturalized players who haven’t shown much in the past two seasons, the contract renewal situation is not optimistic…"​​​​(Liang Shengmo