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Reporter: The Hebei team still wants to continue playing football, and the Guangzhou team will continue even if they play in the Chinese Premier League

January 3rd, in the BRTV "Football 100 Points" program, the guest Yuan Ye talked about the relegation of three Chinese Super League teams
The future prospects of the teams Wuhan Changjiang, Hebei and Guangzhou.

For Guoan coach Stanley, Yuan Ye commented: "Judging from Stanley’s performance after taking over, there is a high probability that he will stay. He knows the team better and his results are more convincing. Guoan is a top 7 team.
The team that relies the least on foreign aid in China, if the foreign aid other than Jiang Xiangyou and Memisevic is replaced in the new season, Guoan’s performance will be greatly improved."

Talking about the performance of Guoan players in the past season, Yuan Ye said: "If you say you are the most satisfied, there is no doubt that it is Zhang Yuning, but I also have a deep impression of Wang Gang. It is not easy for a veteran in 1989 to play on the wing.
His contract with Guoan has also expired this year, as far as I know he wants to stay, and Guoan also intends to renew his contract, I hope Guoan can eventually keep veteran players like Wang Gang and Chi Zhongguo.”

Then Wei Yidong revealed: "In the lineup of Guoan’s first team, there are indeed some familiar veterans who may choose to end their careers.

Yuan Ye also talked about the statement of the Wuhan Three Towns angry against the Football Association in the program, "These words of the three towns are too harsh. No one has ever described the Chinese Football Association in this way. We can only see this in the self-media before.
This kind of words, now you say this with an official voice or one of the league players, is this kind of thing over? When all clubs have appeals in the future, will they say a few words like this? I don’t think this matter has yet
Put an end to it."

Talking about whether the three relegated Chinese Super League teams will usher in the fate of disbandment, Yuan Ye analyzed and said: "Wuhan Yangtze River is relatively difficult. From multiple information sources, it may not necessarily be involved in football anymore. The Hebei team now wants to engage in football.
, The operation of the team in the last round is relatively normal. His problem is how to solve the huge salary arrears.
If you hit the middle class, you have to keep playing, (maybe you will come back next month) everything is possible."

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