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Reporter: the U19 National Youth went overseas in late January to train and divide into two stages: the United Arab Emirates and Croatia.

December 27-according to reporter Ma Dexing, U19 National Youth will go overseas for training in late January, of which the first stage is the United Arab Emirates and the second stage is Croatia.
On December 26, China’s 2003-year-old U19 national youth team will be the first to gather in Chongqing to begin a sprint for the 41st U20 Asian Cup finals, which starts on March 1, 2023. According to the arrangement, during the training in Chongqing, the national youth team not only needs to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the players, but also needs to complete the military training tasks deployed by the relevant departments. All the training ended on January 7, and after a week’s rest, the players will gather again on January 15 and set out overnight to go overseas for training. After that, the preparation of the national youth team will be divided into two stages:
In the first stage, after the team gathered on January 15, they went to the United Arab Emirates for about half a month of training. During this period, the team will arrange four to five warm-up matches, the main purpose of which is to conduct technical and tactical exercises against Saudi Arabian teams in the same group, so opponents will include the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Iraq’s national youth teams, which are similar in style to Saudi Arabia.
In the second stage, the national youth team will move directly from the United Arab Emirates to Croatia. In August this year, the U19 national youth team also conducted training in Croatia, the overall effect is good, the team is also more satisfied with the training arrangements. So after research, the national youth team decided to go to Croatia again before the U20 Asian Cup, during which a series of warm-up matches will be arranged. In late February, the team will travel directly from Croatia to Uzbekistan to make final preparations for the first match against Japan on March 3.
At present, the national youth team has a unified goal and thinking, that is, go all out to get into the semi-finals of the U20 Asian Cup and return to the stage of the World Youth Championships. Of course, the premise is to first kill the “death team” from the encirclement of Japan, Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan.
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