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Reporter: there are only 2 people left in Guoan who are healthy for the time being. the final round against Tarzan is likely to continue to lack enough people.

According to a report by reporter Yuan Ye on December 28, only two people in Guoan are temporarily healthy, and I am afraid it is difficult to participate in the final round of the 31st competition.
In the 33rd round of the match against the seaport, Guoan gave up because of a shortage of players and was sentenced to lose 3-0. On December 31, Guoan will play Shandong Taishan in the final round of the season, and the result of this game may also have an impact on the title race of the Chinese Super League.
With regard to the current situation of the Guoan team, Yuan Ye revealed that seven healthy players have fallen one after another, and only two are still healthy for the time being. In addition, Fuyang occurred among the players who turned negative two days ago.
Yuan Ye believes that even if the players have just turned negative, they will not be able to play such a fierce game immediately. Therefore, if the final round is still played on the 31st, it is estimated that Guoan will not have enough people. ​​​
(Nanling weeps)