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Rice body: Cuadrado rides a dog sleigh while recovering from injury, which fans question is bad for recovery.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Cuadrado, who is recovering from injury, is skiing with a sleigh, which is not conducive to his recovery.
Juventus player Cuadrado, who has suffered a knee injury, has not recovered smoothly, missing two previous warm-up games and will miss the next warm-up match against Standard Liege. But while Cuadrado was recovering from his injury, he skied with his wife Melissa and two children, and Cuadrado went skiing in a dog sleigh.
For Cuadrado’s move, many Juve fans said: “you’d better go to training, that will be better.” You have had the longest holiday at Juve. ” “it was right for Juve to let you leave next June” and “Cuadrado, can you make a comeback against Cremona?”
(Su Erhu)