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Richardson tattooed the head of the three stars on the back: Ronaldo, Neymar. And yourself.

December 14-Richardson, the main center of the Brazilian national team, decided to add new tattoos on his back after he was out of the World Cup.
Richardson showed off a new tattoo on his back, starting with the heads of three Brazilian stars: alien Ronaldo and Neymar living apart, while Richardson’s own portrait is in the middle. Below is a little boy holding a football and wearing a No. 9 jersey, looking at the avatars of the three stars.
In addition, the tattoo shows a Brazilian flag on the right shoulder and a message from Brazilian King Pele under Richardson Instagram on the left shoulder: “you made Brazil smile.” As the main striker of the Brazilian national team, Richardson scored three goals in this World Cup and his performance was recognized by the fans.
(Su Erhu)