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Rigging the game is not for personal gain? Miao Yuan refuted: such remarks? I’m really sick.

December 25-in response to the “Guangdong U15 match-fixing” incident, the Chinese Football Association suspended Guangzhou Football Association membership for two years. Miao Yuan suspected to refute reporter Pei Li’s view that “most of the people who do this are not for personal interests.”
Reporter Pei Li: alas, I don’t know how to evaluate it. Those who do this should say that most of the original intention is not for personal interests, but to win more policy support. It’s just that under the influence of the great tide of the times, the luck is extremely bad. ​​​
In this regard, the media Miao Yuan refuted: manipulating the game is not for themselves, but for the development of Guangzhou football, this kind of remarks can be made publicly, it is really too sick. If all member associations acquire policies and develop football in this way, then football will never develop.