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Riyadh youth coach: The arrival of Ronaldo has made the world pay attention to Saudi Messi, who is already the best in history

January 15th, recently, Riyadh youth coach Vicente Moreno accepted the Spanish “Aspen”
In an interview with China Daily, he talked about some topics about Ronaldo and Messi.

——The arrival of Ronaldo opened the map of Saudi football?

There is no doubt that Ronaldo is the focus of world football and will continue to be here. We all benefit from it because he brings attention and opens up ideas for other players. It is crazy than a transaction.

——Do you remember leading the team (Spanish) to play against Messi at Camp Nou?

Both Messi and Ronaldo are players who do everything well. Messi is a player I admire. Because of the age relationship, I admired Maradona very much before. We grew up in Maradona’s era.
So it’s hard to find someone else to replace Maradona, but looking at Messi’s growth trajectory, it is clear that he is the best player in history, his number of championships, number of Golden Globes…if it was because of the World Cup champion
, so now he has, he has written an era, and I am happy to witness his era.