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Rodrigo mourns Pele: meeting you is the most special day. I will never forget your encouragement.

On December 30, when King Pele passed away, Real Madrid’s Brazilian striker Rodrigo sent a message of condolences.
Rodrigo: it’s hard to accept! From today, December 29th will always be a sad day. I grew up in Santos and we hear people talk about you and how great you are every day. As a human being, thank God I have the opportunity to meet you face to face.
It was the most special day of my life! Thank you, Ball King! Thank you for your advice and courage after our conversation. You say, “son, always be yourself and don’t be afraid of anything.” this will remain in my memory forever.
Thank you for all you have done for your country. Rest in peace, Ball King! You are the greatest man ever, forever!