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Roman Director: I don’t believe there is a problem with Zaniolo’s appointment renewal, we want to keep Smalling

January 3 News Roma Sports Director Pinto recently accepted an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.
Talked about Karlsdorp’s future, Zaniolo and Smalling’s contract extension and other topics.

Pinto first talked about Karlsdorp. During the offseason of the World Cup, the player refused to participate in the Red Wolves’ training camp in Japan. The director said: "After the game against Sassuolo and Mourinho’s speech, the player made a disciplinary mistake.
Big mistakes: he didn’t attend training and refused to take part in the Japan trip. Together with the player’s agent, we avoided other problems and tried to solve them internally. Karlsdorp is back, he trained and played."

Karlsdorp’s contract expires in 2025, the director continued: "Yes, he is in the transfer market, but he will never leave for zero. If he leaves, we have to find a way to keep it.
The balance of the team does not necessarily have to buy a full-back. There are Celik, Zalewski, Wiener, Spinazzola, Shalawi, no matter what the wing is covered.”

Regarding Zaniolo’s contract extension, Pinto said: "There is no rush, as the player’s agent said: now we only think about the player. We have a good dialogue with Zaniolo and his agent, there is no shortage
Time to sit down and negotiate. In the end, I don’t believe there is a problem with the renewal."

Smalling’s contract renewal is also in progress, Pinto said: "We want to keep him, he must give us an answer. He has a clause to liberate himself, we spent 15 million euros for him, and he received
A salary of 4 million euros. Roma invested a lot in him and we will be patient while he is injured. He knows we value him."

(My name is Da Vinci)