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Rummenigge’s downturn in the German team does not affect Bayern’s World Cup best Messi Mbappe is in Paris

January 1, former Bayern board chairman Rummenigge recently accepted the news from the German News Agency
Interview, in which he talked about whether the poor record of the German team in the World Cup in Qatar will affect Bayern, and his views on the subsequent match between Bayern and Paris in the Champions League.

The German team was eliminated in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar, but Rummenigge does not think this will have a negative effect on Bayern. He used the situation in the World Cup in Russia as an analogy: "In 2018, the players came out with great disappointment.
The World Cup in Russia is back. They made up for their disappointment in the Bundesliga with huge ambitions and gave it their all at Bayern."

For Rummenigge, what is more important is the health of Bayern’s personnel in the new year: "Neuer, Lucas and Mane, Bayern currently has three main players absent. My wish for the new year is of course
No more injuries to players."

Both Neuer and Lucas are reimbursed for the season, and Mane, who had undergone surgery before, is still not sure whether he can play in the Champions League 1/8 finals with Paris in February.

For the next two matchups, Rummenigge is also looking forward to it: "This matchup may also be a Champions League final." In the 2020 Champions League final, Bayern won 1-0.

Rummenigge also expressed his respect for the Paris stars: "The two best players in the World Cup, Messi and Mbappe, are both playing for Paris. Messi crowned his amazing career with the World Cup champion,
Mbappe is the top scorer in the World Cup in Qatar. The potential of Paris’ offensive line is top-notch."

Bayern currently lead the standings with four points, and Rummenigge affirmed the team’s performance in the weeks before the winter break: "The team picked up after a week without winning a game, which is really good.
left a deep impression on me."

"Leading the standings again when the year sequence is renewed, this creates the best conditions for Bayern to win the league championship again in 2023. But we also know that expectations for the Champions League this season are very high."