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Ruud van Nistelrooy: Verhorst has personality and strength, I believe he can perform well in Manchester United

January 14, the famous Manchester United and Eindhoven coach Ruud van Nistelrooy attended the press conference and talked about
When it came to the Dutch high center Verhorst who joined Manchester United on loan, he said that Verhorst has the ability to perform well at Manchester United.

“I think Verhorst has a lot of personality and quality, and he will do well at Manchester United. I have worked with him in the national team (as an assistant coach).”

“He’s just a championship-caliber player with unbelievable competitiveness and we’ve seen that in the World Cup. Verhorst is ready to take that step and he’s going to contribute there, I’m 100 per cent.
I really believe in that. He has the ability to make an impact for Manchester United.”