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Scaroni: we are well-deserved champions. This Argentine team plays for the people.

December 19-early this morning, Argentina beat France on penalties in the World Cup final. Scaroni attended a press conference after the match.
This game
“now the mood is a little calmer than before, I want to talk about the game, not just that we have become the World Cup champions. It was crazy. I was still a little uncomfortable that the game didn’t end in 90 minutes. We played a great game. Now, the feeling of winning the championship is the best, the truth is, to be a world champion is not in my plan, but we have done it, we are well-deserved winners. ”
“to be honest, I have always said that this Argentine team plays for the people and plays for the Argentine fans. I will not change that. This team has no self-awareness, no self-interest, these players gave all they had and won because they knew what they had to do on the pitch. Today, we are well-deserved champions. France only gets us into trouble in a few cases. ”
“We knew the game would be difficult, McAllister unexpectedly appeared near the penalty area, Rodrigo and Enzo contained Mbappe very well, it was a very difficult game and in the end we succeeded.”
Penalty shootout
“Martinez is a positive player and we always have a lot of such players. If you count, there are six or seven, which is a sign of trust. On top of that, it would be great if you had a goalkeeper who told you he was going to save two penalties. ”
The future of Messi
“he has won the power to decide his career and we need to keep the No. 10 shirt for him in the next World Cup. His message to his teammates is unparalleled. I have never seen such an influential man.”
Set up a team
“at that time we felt that a great team was being formed and with these players, everything was much easier. Today, I see people who are not on the list of 26 people celebrating with us, and when you see that, it’s hard to go wrong. ”
The next step for myself and Argentina
“We have to move on, strange as it sounds, but in the next few days we will really realize the importance of this championship and we will celebrate with the Argentine people.”
Comparison with Menotti and Bilaldo
“I am not at the same level as them, they mark an era. For me, people are happy for this champion, and it’s worth it. Although it’s only a World Cup champion, for us, it means more than football. Let Argentina celebrate, let people know that things sometimes go wrong, life goes on, and some problems in our society will continue, but at least we can be a little happier than before. ”
The phone call between the two before Macy went to Paris
“after the match against Brazil, I called Messi before he left for Paris. At that time, things were very difficult and we were sending a big message to the world. Messi and I said,’We have to keep going’, which gave me great emotional encouragement. I had to have such a conversation with him, and his response made me realize that something was going well, and it was a behind-the-scenes story that I wanted you to know. ”
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