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Shaanxi Changan competitive executives: the club situation is extremely urgent, unable to solve the arrears of wages will face dissolution

The team, which recently finished fifth in the Chinese League in 2022, has yet to solve its wage arrears and may face dissolution, according to the Shaanxi Chang’an Athletic Football Club.
According to the relevant notice of the Chinese Football Association, the club is required to resolve all wages and bonuses owed to players in 2021 by December 31, 2022, otherwise the club will be relegated. And before January 31, 2023, the club needs to pay all players’ wages and bonuses in full in 2022, otherwise the club will be disqualified.
In November, Changan Athletic was punished by the Football Association for deducting six league points for unpaid wages. According to a senior executive of Shaanxi Changan competitive Football Club: “at present, the situation of Changan Athletic is extremely urgent. If the problem of arrears of wages cannot be solved immediately, it will be dissolved.”
(Nanling weeps)