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Shandong media: if there are “dark forces” in Chinese football, then Mount Tai is definitely not the sheltered party.

Due to the final round abandonment of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger and Beijing Guoan, the three towns of Wuhan won the championship of the Chinese Super League this season by virtue of the advantage of winning goals. As for the Super finale, Shandong Jinan Times commented that the Taishan team that missed the title is still worthy of recognition, and the Football Association Cup Taishan team can still compete with the three towns of Wuhan.
Shandong media said that the promoted Wuhan Sanzhen team defended their rights in a desperate way during the sprint of the Chinese Super League, although the news that they denounced the “evil forces” in football was still fermenting. But they still won their third championship in nearly three seasons. While congratulating the three towns on winning the championship, we should also see their achievements in the Chinese Super League. Malkang and the bid king Stanchu shone brilliantly in the Chinese Super League this season. At the same time, domestic players such as Liu Dianzi and Xie Pengfei also showed excellent state. in the case of high input and less influence by Chinese football, it seems reasonable for the three towns to win the championship.
And the result of the runner-up in Shandong Taishan League is also the best result achieved by the team in the second season after five championships. The twists and turns in the Taishan team have not been broken this season. At the beginning of the season, half of the main players rushed to assist Chinese football and missed training. Guo Tianyu, who briefly studied abroad, was not in state for the whole year. Zheng Zheng and Wang Dalei’s suspension and various accidents kept the team in a state of struggling to catch up. If there are “dark forces” in Chinese football, they are certainly not the sheltered party.
Jinan Times commented that the reason why the Taishan team was able to keep the suspense for the championship until the last round was also due to its own stable structure, during which the team made a lot of painstaking efforts and fought tenaciously. In this extremely special and chaotic season, Tarzan has never been able to adjust to its best. The team should not discuss the false proposition behind the weak disadvantage, but should take responsibility and pay bravely. Although only gain the runner-up, but in regret at the same time, get more is the harvest. The rise of the three towns of Wuhan has not only brought more competitiveness to the Chinese Super League, but also given the team the power to conquer. In the FA Cup, the Taishan team, which bid farewell to the influence of the “epidemic”, will set out again to compete with the three towns of Wuhan, the champion of the Chinese Super League.
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