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Shanghai media: Zhu Chenjie returned to Haikou to rendezvous with Shenhua troops and officially returned 4 months later.

December 21-according to the Oriental Sports Daily, Zhu Chenjie returned to Haikou last week to join Shenhua’s army.
In August this year, Zhu Chenjie was injured in a match against Chengdu. Last weekend, Zhu Chenjie arrived in Haikou from Shanghai to rendezvous with Shenhua troops from Jinjiang, which is also his official return after his injury.
According to the report, what makes the coaching staff happy is that, judging from the training during this period, Zhu Chenjie is quite good in both physical and competitive condition, so he is “allowed” to participate in a certain intensity of confrontation training.
As for Zhu Chenjie’s recovery, the Shenhua coaching staff said: “according to our observation, there is nothing wrong with his movements or physical confrontation, and the players themselves feel normal. It should be said that the problem (in the last game) is not very big. But it depends on the actual situation of the players and the game before making a decision.”