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Sino-Singapore Sports’ new season of China’s leagues at all levels will basically return to the home and away game system

January 10 Today’s “Sino-Singapore Sports” published an article looking forward to Chinese football in 2023, and said that in the new season, all levels of Chinese football
The league basically returns to the home and away game system.

According to the report, in the new season, the Chinese Super League and Women’s Super League, including China League One and China League Two, will basically return to the normal home and away game system.
For the restart of Chinese football, this will be a great opportunity.

“China-Singapore Sports” believes that after all, the national team relies on the league, and the quality of the league will directly affect the state and growth rate of the national team players.
In addition, when the league returns to the home and away system, its unique geographical attributes allow more people to get in touch with and feel football at close range.

​Although Chinese football is in a low period, after the initial return to home and away games in the 2022 season, Dalian, Wuhan, Chengdu… There are still hope in the home games of tens of thousands of fans.