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Sports: Pedro still decided not to have a holiday when he won the game in the three towns, and he dared not be careless in the final round.

December 28 Beijing time last night, the 33rd round of the Chinese Super League, Wuhan 2-0 beat Zhejiang team, with 5 goals advantage over Shandong Taishan, ranking first. Sports Weekly wrote that Pedro, the coach of the three towns, decided not to have a holiday for the team, and he dared not be careless in the final round against Jinmenhu.
In fact, despite the absence of Frank, Lucas, Dong Yu, Cheng Jin and Yao Junsheng, it was not until the end of the first half that Stan Qiu took a free kick. A substitute player in the three towns lamented after the game: “this game is very close, it is not easy to win.”
After being defeated by Chengdu in the last round, the players in the three towns were in shock for a time, but later learned that the Taishan team lost the game, and the whole team was well aware of the situation faced in the last two rounds. After winning the Zhejiang team last night, the players of the three towns were in full bloom, and everyone was very excited, including some young people who could not play. But Pedro kept a low profile before picking up the trophy. In the lounge after the game, everyone wanted him to say a few words, but he waved and refused several times, preferring to listen to the team members’ cries.
Pedro has aimed at the final round against the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger, no matter what the situation of the opponent, in the game will be normal circumstances, he is not careless. The day after winning the Zhejiang team, Pedro decided not to take a holiday for the three towns team.
(Xiao Hu)