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Sports Zhejiang team brought Mu Xiekui and other three foreign aids to the FA Cup, and they can play in the semi-finals

January 6th, the first round of the FA Cup quarter-finals, Zhejiang team defeated Jinan 3-0
Xingzhou has almost secured a semi-final seat in advance.
According to the "Sports Weekly" report, the Zhejiang team went to Suzhou this time and brought three foreign aids, Mu Xiekui, Evolo, and Lucas. After entering the semifinals, they can play smoothly.

Since there is no foreign aid in Jinan Xingzhou, according to the principle of reciprocity in allocation, the Zhejiang team must not be able to use foreign aid.
However, in addition to this, the main players such as Gu Chao, Long Wei and Dong Yu were also placed on the bench.
This is easy to create a false impression: the Zhejiang team is here for training.
But in fact, the offensive group led by Yao Junsheng, Gu Bin, and Gaudi launched a tidal offensive from the very beginning.
Throughout the game, they not only scored 3 goals, but also blasted 26 shots.

The Zhejiang team went to Suzhou this time, still bringing three foreign aid teams.
Against Jinan Xingzhou, defender Lucas, Kuaima Evolo and forward Mu Xiekui sat in the stands to watch the game.
Jody said before that he hoped that these foreign players would be able to play smoothly until the semifinals.

Judging from the current situation, the Zhejiang team is likely to encounter their old rival Shanghai Seaport in the semi-finals, and the game will be a single match.