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Sun Zhunhao: The Taishan team must strive for three consecutive FA Cup championships to add happiness to Shandong fans

January 12th In an interview with “Sports Weekly”, the FA Cup semi-finals were fully played
Sun Zhunhao, a foreign aid of the Taishan team, introduced his current state and looked forward to the prospects of the Taishan team finals.

——You have played three games in the World Cup, and it was quite exhausting for you personally. Have you found your best form now?

There are relatively few competitions in the team this year.
One is because of participating in the World Cup, and also suffered from some injuries, so it is very embarrassing for the club.
Compared with personal goals, I may have contributed less to the realization of collective goals. I feel very sorry for the team for not winning the championship in the league.
There is still the FA Cup competition left. I want to win the championship through this competition and make compensation to the team.

——The expectations for the FA Cup championship are high, will you also bear a certain amount of pressure?

Shandong Taishan is a very strong team. No matter what the competition is, they will strive to win the championship. It is also my personal honor to be able to play for the Shandong team.
The league had the opportunity to overtake the opponent twice in a row and win the championship, but I didn’t grasp it. I feel very sorry.
It is possible for us to write a new history in the FA Cup and win the three consecutive FA Cup championships. We must win this championship to add some happiness to Shandong fans.

——Talking about the impact of Cressan’s suspension

Cresan’s absence will definitely have a great impact on our strength, but this has already happened and it is impossible to change it.
The most important thing for us is to prepare well for the game and show our true strength in the final.
As long as we can fully play our own level, I believe we are still a very competitive team.
After all, football is an 11-man sport. The Haigang team has top stars like Oscar, but in the end the Zhejiang team defeated their opponents and advanced to the final, so the key is the overall performance of the team.

——Injuries of the team

The injury doesn’t have a big impact on me personally. Everyone in our team is very capable. No matter who plays with me, there is nothing uncomfortable for me.
But one thing is about Fellaini, his injury will have a certain impact on the team. Everyone knows his ability. If Fellaini is not injured in the team, he will be a very important existence.

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