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Suspect Lu Wenjun’s wife is angry: SIPG men don’t have a good thing toilet seat beard with Teddy curly hair

Previously suspected Shanghai Seaport player Lu Wenjun’s wife’s Weibo account "Xu Xiaoxiao Wenwen" posted a post saying "
Three years of hugging two, 10 years of wholehearted exchange, is to unload the grind and kill the donkey."

Since then, it is suspected that Lu Wenjun’s wife’s account posted again, angering the players.

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None of the men in SIPG is a good guy, and Lu Wenjun is a fighter among the scum!
#上海上港# top level, none of them, Lu Wenjun, you are the No.1 scum, your hot head is short-circuited!
What kind of aesthetics is the toilet seat beard with Teddy curly hair!!
Seeing a child is the same as menstruation, what a father on menstruation!

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