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TA: Felix has attracted the interest of the Premier League giants, but the total loan price is as high as 21 million euros

January 2 According to "Theathletic" report, Atletico Madrid hopes to rent Felix out in the winter window
, but the total rental price they requested reached 21 million euros, including a rental fee of 15 million euros and a salary of 6 million euros.
At present, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea have all contacted Atletico Madrid, and they are considering the impact of this loan deal on the club’s sports and financial aspects.
At Atletico Madrid, the relationship between Felix and coach Simeone has completely broken down.
In December last year, Atletico Madrid CEO Angel Gil-Marin confirmed this in an interview, so they can only let the Portuguese leave the team.
In 2019, Atletico Madrid spent 127 million euros to introduce Felix from Benfica, and now it is very unlikely that they want to recover this investment.
Under Simeone, the Portuguese’s career development has stagnated.
Therefore, the player’s agent Mendes is working on letting his client leave the team on loan.
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