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TA: Teng Hach likes Gakpo very much, but he was amputated when Manchester United didn’t have enough budget in the winter window.

TA recently published an analysis of the reasons why Manchester United failed to sign Giacopo. TA says Teng Hach admires Gakpo very much, but Manchester United do not have enough budget to sign Gakpo. Just as Manchester United hesitated, Liverpool beat out halfway to bring Gacopo to Anfield.
A crucial factor is why Manchester United gave up on Gakpo. In essence, they have decided that they will not be able to afford his transfer fee this month. Moreover, Manchester United have some doubts about whether he is fit to play as a centre-forward.
Just last week, Tenhaher and Manchester United’s staff in charge of signings, including Football Director Mottaf, were considering whether to pay a 50 million euro transfer fee for Gakpo, which they knew would be deducted from the summer transfer budget.
Now it seems that Manchester United no longer have to decide whether to spend the money or not, as Liverpool have completed the transfer quickly. But the source insists that Klop’s team realizes that they are already far ahead. Manchester United have decided to be cautious in this winter window after weighing credit.
Although it is uncertain whether anyone will take over Manchester United, sources close to the club believe that the Glazer family will approve the use of some funds.
There is no doubt that Teng Hach likes Jakpo. He fought hard for the PSV Eindhoven striker during the summer transfer window, even though Manchester United scouts were unsure whether he could play as a centre-forward in the Premiership. Tenhaher was confident in Gacbo and Manchester United agreed on personal terms with the players at that time.
However, Ajax refused to budge on Anthony’s transfer fee of 100 million euros, when two negotiations were held at the same time, which meant that Manchester United had no extra transfer fee for Gakpo. The negotiations in December were similar, with Manchester United opting out again, although they might find money at some stage. There is a feeling that if Manchester United take action, Gacopo will join them.
The news of Liverpool’s signing of Garkpo came as no surprise to Tenhah, the chief executive of his agent Kees Vos,SEG, who is also Gakpo’s agent. Whatever the progress of Manchester United, Liverpool have acquired a young and exciting talent at a moderate price.
Just like the signing of Diaz in January last year, there was a standoff between Tottenham and Porto over the transfer fee and Liverpool were killed halfway out. Nunez last summer, when Manchester United held preliminary negotiations, but hesitated about further negotiations, Liverpool emerged to take him down.
These signings, whether successful or not, demonstrate Liverpool’s confident signing strategy. Manchester United, on the other hand, often seem to be in a passive position.
Imagine if Liverpool, with the help of Giacopo, stepped on Manchester United to qualify for the Champions League. What a blow it will be to the Red Devils. These assumptions should not determine decisions, but the point is that Manchester United’s opponents are not stagnant.
Tenhaher also wants to move on, he is determined to increase his offensive options, but Manchester United now have to rely more on loan. This is Manchester United’s message to brokers and rules out any dramatic domestic signings.
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