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Telegraph: Tottenham plans to raise Conte’s salary by 1 million pounds a year, and the latter is in no hurry to renew his contract

According to the Telegraph, Tottenham are planning to renew their contract with team coach Conti, and the club is willing to give the Italian coach an annual salary increase of 1 million pounds.
At the moment, Conti is in no hurry to renew his contract with the team and Tottenham will have to wait patiently. Conti wants Tottenham executives to reaffirm their ambitions, while Conti must carefully consider his family who still lives in Italy.
Conte, who signed for Tottenham last winter with an annual salary of 15 million pounds, led the team into the top four of the Premier League and qualified for the Champions League last season.
Tottenham said that in order to reward Conti’s leadership performance, the team is willing to give the Italian coach a salary increase of 1 million pounds a year, hoping to persuade Conti to stay.
Conte is one of the highest-paid managers in the world, but salary will not be the only factor, or even a major factor, in extending his contract with Tottenham.
Tottenham must demonstrate their ambitions to Conti and they need to sign two new players, including a defender and a creative attacking player.
Conti has been linked with Juventus recently, but the Bianconeri face serious financial problems and their board members resigned last month.
In addition, the future of Harry Kane is also a matter for Conte, whose contract expires in the summer of 24 and is reported to be a target for Bayern Munich.
Tottenham will face Brentford on Boxing Day and they need Kane to recover quickly. In addition, Richardson, Ben Tankur and Ben Davis are suffering from injuries, and Sun Xingyi may continue to wear masks to fight.
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