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Teng Hach: Luke Shaw’s defender is playing well. We will bring in the players we need.

December 28-in the early morning of December 28, Beijing time, Manchester United beat Nottingham Forest 3-0 in the 17th round of the Premier League. After the game, coach Teng Hahe was interviewed by BBC.
Teng Hach said: “We did not concede a goal, clean sheet opponents, I am very happy, because defense is always the basis of the competition.” We could have scored more goals, we had some great offense, a lot of movement. When you play one-on-one with the goalkeeper, you have to score more goals.
— Rushford
“not only do we have Rushford, but I want to be happy with his performance again. He is in very good form and if he maintains this state and spirit, it will be good for us and for himself.
— Tonight’s starting striker quartet.
“We want the players to play, but the four of them didn’t play a lot of games in the first half of the season. If they can play together more frequently, I believe they will make progress and score more goals together.
Luke Shaw’s performance in the centre-back position
“Luke Shaw told me last week that he could play at centre-back and asked me to put him in the centre-back position. He played very well at centre-back, he looked very experienced and calm, and his performance was very good.
Manchester United can rank in the Premier League this season.
“now we don’t focus on the rankings, only at the end of the season. We have to improve and fight to win every game. This is the focus of the whole team and every player needs to focus on the process.
— Martial
“he can play and I’m sure if he doesn’t play against Wolves in three days, I’ll let him start again. But I want to keep it fresh and save on him after he hasn’t played for such a long time.
— sign a new striker in January
“We are keeping an eye on the transfer market, but the players we sign must meet the team’s tactical requirements and financial standards and we will try our best to bring in the players we need.
Giacopo, who has a connection with the team, finally joined Liverpool.
“I won’t talk about individual cases. We are looking for attacking players, looking for strikers and that will be good because we are going to have a lot of games.
“We want to continue to play all the games we can play, we want to stay in shape until the end of the season, so you need players to stay competitive.”