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Thames: Moukoko wants to play steadily, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool are chasing him.

Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool are all interested in Borussia Dortmund striker Moukoko, the Times reported.
It is reported that Chelsea want to bring in Moukoko to fill the gap in attack, but in the face of competition from other Premiership clubs, these clubs interested in Moukoko must guarantee the playing time of the 18-year-old striker in order to persuade him to join, instead of signing him just to put him on the bench.
Moukoko is one of the most anticipated stars in Europe, having made 52 appearances for Borussia Dortmund. This season, he has made 22 appearances, scoring six goals and six assists. As Moukoko’s contract expires at the end of the season, Borussia Dortmund does not have an advantage in his potential winter window transfer negotiations.
However, Moukoko is also worried that leaving the Bundesliga prematurely will be difficult to obtain stable playing time and affect his own development. Borussia Dortmund is ready to offer Moukoko a new contract with an annual salary of £4.4 million. The players’ team is looking for a contract to settle for £6 million. As a result, Moukoko is still evaluating options.
At present, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool are all interested in signing Moukoko. Chelsea were already looking for a new striker before Broya was seriously injured. Manchester United and Liverpool are also sidelined for months due to Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure and Luis Diaz- Rota’s injury, respectively, and need reinforcements on the attacking line.
(Lin Yuan)