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The case of media person Li Tie is rumored to have 20 people arrested or assisted in the investigation, and the detention period is managed in a single-room hotel style

January 4, former "Sports Weekly" reporter and media person Ran Xiongfei continued to follow up
According to the "Li Tie case", 20 people were allegedly arrested or assisted in the investigation.

According to reports: 1. The case of Li Tie is still in the joint investigation stage of the discipline inspection and supervision team. It is rumored that there are about 20 people suspected of being arrested or assisting in the investigation of the Li Tie case. Li Tie, Zheng Bin, Xin Feng and other persons involved are currently
They all belong to the detention stage, and are managed in the style of a single-person, single-room, single-family hotel. It is not a criminal compulsory measure in the legal sense. The general period of detention is three months.
It will be transferred to the procuratorate, and the parties will be transferred to the detention center, waiting for the court trial and judgment!
The 20 people involved in the case are beyond the scope of our wild guesses. Except for some known candidates, others are welcome to guess;

2. One more thing. The general manager of a club in the north, Mr. Li, and Mr. Ding, a club in the south, were reportedly taken away to assist in the investigation. The latter may be related to a 4:4 match-fixing case in 2019!