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The coach of Cologne criticized German fans: lack of support for the national team, and problems with the Football Association and experts

December 17 Cologne coach Baumgart recently accepted the media interview, and criticized the German fans, the German Football Association and other groups.
When Germany was knocked out of the World Cup, Baumgart said: “I’ve never seen a country like us not supporting the national team. It’s very sad and it got me thinking.”
“the reason for the poor performance of the German team? People now expect the players to take on too much political responsibility, too many experts are saying negative words, at least I don’t think the German team’s performance is that bad. ”
“of course, the German Football Association did not perform well and we should talk about a lot of things. But we should seek truth from facts and remain objective instead of talking blindly, and I hope we can achieve this objectivity through the newly established task force. ”
(goblin killer)