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The Czech club Slavia originally hoped to introduce Wu Shaocong

January 10, according to the report of the media person Miao Yuan, the Czech Slavia club originally hoped to acquire Wu Shaocong.

this afternoon, Wu Shaocong joined the Turkish Super League Istanbul and received an official announcement. The former Guangzhou defender signed a contract with Istanbul for two and a half years.

At noon today, when public opinion was speculating about domestic players who are expected to study abroad, Miao Yuan once wrote on his personal social media analysis: “In addition to Yan Dinghao, Wu Shaocong is also a favorite in the transfer market. He is a left-footed defender and can play.
There are multiple positions, the age is post-00, almost all the demand points, and there are many interested teams. Wu Shaocong’s own consideration includes the option of studying abroad, and the target team is in Europe.​”

After the official announcement of Wu Shaocong joining Istanbul, Miao Yuan said: “When I posted this, what I heard was not the Turkish Super League team…” As for which club he inquired about, Miao Yuan then revealed: “Sla
Via, it was very hopeful to get Wu Shaocong before.”

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