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The former Premier League player Chelsea needs a pure center forward, a player like Mitrovic

January 11, the former Premier League player Mitch Gray said in the talkSPORT program that Chelsea is more
Mitrovic should be signed, not Felix.

Gray said: “I think they need a pure centre-forward. Is Mitrovic no good? Can they sign him from Fulham in January?”

“If Chelsea are as rich as they say, go find him because he will score goals for Chelsea. I don’t understand. If you think about it, what Chelsea need is a striker who is active in the box.”

“That’s exactly what Chelsea need now, whether you spend £40m or £50m, you’re going to buy a player like him. He’s a perfect fit for Chelsea right now.”

This season, Mitrovic has scored 11 goals in 15 Premier League games.