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The French international is infected with MERS? At present, there is no evidence that most of the ❌ messages are transferred from an Argentine media.

Yesterday, according to a report from TNT Argentina, three people on the French team were infected with camel flu, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this is a viral respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus MERS-CoV, with a fatality rate of 35%, and studies have shown that the disease is mostly related to unimodal camels.
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However, according to the authoritative French media RMC, Konate and Varane did not train for the initial symptoms of the flu on Friday, but their health is improving, and the latter and Koeman, who has a slight viral infection, can resume training on Saturday.
On Thursday, the official website of the French Football Association said that Rabiot, who had caught a cold, had resumed personal training and that Pamecano had also participated in the joint training on Thursday.
According to French coach Didier Deschamps at a news conference, he said that the recent cooling in Qatar, the hotel air conditioning is too fierce, so there is a fever.
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At present, the French side ruled out the possibility of an outbreak of COVID-19 in the team, but masks and disinfectant gels were distributed in the training camp, and players were also asked not to shake hands.
It can be seen that despite the corresponding symptoms, the French international has recovered quickly and is not in line with the infection of MERS.
As to why there are such rumors, the editor verified that the first article relating the French international flu and MERS came from the Spanish newspaper as.
However, the article does not say which French players have been infected with MERS, but points out the risk of a recent MERS outbreak in Qatar.
On the 13th of this month, the Lancet, a famous medical journal, published a commentary on its website, pointing out that large-scale gatherings, such as sports events and festivals, will create ideal conditions for the interpersonal transmission of a series of infectious diseases. and spread around the world through the convenience of travel.
Because, in addition to the ongoing World Cup, Qatar has also held a camel beauty pageant, which is thought to increase the risk of the spread of the epidemic.
The above is probably misled by the Argentine media as the source of the French international’s infection with MERS. After the news was issued, it was reprinted by a number of foreign media as a source of news.
Argentina will compete with France for the World Cup at 23:00 Beijing time on Sunday.