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The lonelier the stronger, Mbappe’s way to fight back to the world is to score goals and be silent

From the day I became a superstar, I was destined to continue to walk alone on this one-way street.
Mbappe chose this life.
After the World Cup final, Mbappe looked dignified and silent. But silence, which is the state of Mbappe’s World Cup so far, the 24-year-old has been burdened with too many questions, most of which are blamed.
The only way for him to fight back is to score goals and be silent.
The silent one.
The atmosphere of this year’s French team continues the friendly and happy atmosphere of the previous one, whether at a time when the team scored goals and advanced easily, or when there were successive downsizing and flu attacks off the court.
But among the rooster generals, Mbappe is a rare silencer.
Since arriving in Qatar, Mbappe has chosen to be silent, turning down all kinds of interviews, from FIFA to sponsors. Although he had already received a series of fines, he didn’t open the chatterbox for the first time until the eighth finals of 1 Universe.
“I know you will have a lot of questions and want to ask me why I am silent. Now in front of all the reporters present, I would like to say that this is not aimed at reporters, nor is it aimed at fans. ”
“I always need to focus on the events I play, and when I need to focus on one thing, I need to be 100% focused and not distracted by other things, so I didn’t want to face the media before.”
The silent Mbappe is also terrible.
Just looking at England and Morocco’s all-pervasive press defense against him, and the extraordinarily exaggerated scale of confrontation with the connivance of referees, you can see how scared they are.
Especially the English media, which are good at comforting themselves in failure, described the unforgettable failure with the title “at least we keep an eye on Mbappe”.
However, the criticism that Mbappe has relied on high-speed breakthroughs + precise termination and a relatively simple method of playing for many years has never stopped. Even if he saved France many times in the final, someone still said, “I just scored two penalties.”… ”
The lucky one.
“I’ve always wanted to move forward in my career. A lot of people know I’m fast, but they don’t know that I’m actually a very hard person on myself.”
Mbappe expressed his ambition in an interview with Sports Illustrated when he first became famous many years ago.
Mbappe has never stopped pushing himself, and he has always been a particularly pragmatic and even utilitarian one in the choice of the path to success. And he is also the luckiest one.
Reincarnation is a technical job, especially football that eats the meal of youth. Being on an excellent team is tantamount to less struggle for half of his life-look at Benzema. He was born in the ruins of the demon master Domenech, the bleak reality of being hanged in the European Cup and the World Cup.
And Mbappe? What he ushered in in Russia four years ago was the European runner-up team that Grizman single-handedly held up two years ago, the unconditional promotion and reuse of Deschamps, and the prosperity of the French team’s post-1995 and post-00 newcomers who continue to blow out and veterans still have the strength of the first World War.
Happiness is often compared.
A similar choice occurred in his club track.
Mbappe, a fledgling player in Monaco in 2016-2017, is understandable whether he moves to Real Madrid or chooses five major league giants as a starting point.
But a year later, he moved to Paris on loan, which seemed to be “less money and more things closer to home” (Mbappe was born on the outskirts of Paris), but it was actually the most pragmatic, easiest and most fame-and-fortune shortcut.
Now it seems that this is a way to protect the bottom line with both a lower limit and an upper limit. At the beginning of joining Paris, Mbappe, who was still a newcomer, could feel at ease as a wingman under Neymar’s wing and was not the first person responsible for the team’s success or failure.
When Real Madrid made a sincere offer, Mbappe was asked to stay by President Claude Macron and instantly became the spokesman of the whole France-the Frenchman stayed to play in France, which is the cultural confidence of France.
The controversial one.
Today’s Mbappe, obviously has a too cunning and secular image, has become “greasy”.
Because Mbappe is more uncomfortable than being silent: back in May, his controversial “South American football is not as advanced as Europe” angered club teammate Neymar, and the two have been at odds with each other ever since.
At the pre-match press conference of the Champions League against Juventus in September, Mbappe laughed immediately when he talked about the energy crisis, causing an uproar, and Greater Paris had to apologize and verbally criticize Mbappe in order to end a farce.
But what makes Mbappe’s “road black” and even become the new stalk king is the farce of contract renewal this summer.
Before the end of Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain official Shembape renewed his contract until 2025-an after-tax salary of 50 million euros, a signing fee of 130 million euros, a portrait right of 100 percent, and the right to decide on the team’s manager, director and lineup.
It not only broke through the salary ceiling of football, but also raised the voice of the players unprecedentedly.
This also means that from July 1, Paris No. 7 is not only an exclusive working emperor, but also an invisible high-level who is desperate for life and death.
At the age of 23, he has become one person above everything else in the team-the ironic “Director Mu”, which has become a black nickname for Mbappe.
LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Westbrook and even Curry were among the most unpopular athletes previously published by the ESPN. The greater the fame and ability, the more controversy, it seems that the king of the sports world must face the life.
Before Mbappe, his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, also encountered unprecedented criticism and debate in 2022, and this farce that lasted nearly half a year, except for traffic, there was no winner.
Mbappe, at his peak, his confrontation with the whole world may have just begun.
(sit-ups / Yang Jian)
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