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The most proud eleven people in 2022: Messi, Benzema, Mbappe, Big Martin.

Unconsciously, a year has passed, in these 365 days, there are tears of regret, but also the laughter of winners. If you want to choose a most proud 11-man squad, Argentina and France will split eight positions.
Compared with the whole team in Argentina who are sincerely happy for Lionel Messi, the French side seems to have their own joys and sorrows.
01. The most perfect is Messi: happiness is won by oneself.
Despite infecting COVID-19 in early 2022, he missed a penalty in the knockout stage of the Champions League and was booed by Paris fans. However, Meixileng is one step at a time, becoming the top five league assists in Europe in 2022.
At the same time, in the World Cup at the end of the year, Messi scored seven goals, three assists, five best in a single game, scored in every knockout game, scored twice in the final, and broke the records of Pele and Maradona. Messi won the World Cup in an incredible way.
At the age of 35, he can run 12000 meters in one race, and Messi beat not only his opponent, but also who he used to be. With such a perfect posture to become the third-generation king, 2022 will also be the most important year in Messi’s career.
02. Soaring young people: Enzo Fernandez’s value soars
If the happiest young man in 2022, it is certainly not the Golden Boy Award winner Garvey, but Messi’s “fan” Enzo Fernandez.
The 15-year-old boy who wrote to Messi six years ago and begged him to stay in Argentina became a 21-year-old supernova.
The young midfielder scored goals and assists when he first appeared in the World Cup. The young midfielder also scored an opening penalty with a wonderful pass in the semi-final and contributed 10 successful steals in the final, which made Mbappe disappear completely at one point.
At present, a number of European giants are frantically robbing this young man, and his value has soared to 120 million euros. Benfica, a “black shop”, is young and old, believing in the truth of those with high prices.
03. He is willing to “die for Messi”: but Messi will be reluctant to give up.
Although Argentine goalkeeper Martinez lost his manners in both words and manners during the celebration after winning the championship, he was never a gentleman.
The grassroots goalkeeper, who once played in Serie B and wandered in all directions, has spent 120% of his time defending the country’s glory since he became the Argentine goalkeeper.
He has said that he is a lion fighting for Messi and is willing to give his life for Messi. In the knockout stages of this World Cup, St. Martin became a hero in penalty shootouts twice, and his contribution was enough to rank in the top 3 on the way to Argentina’s victory.
There are even reports that Bayern want to bring in the Argentine goalkeeper and he is expected to return to the giants.
04. Mbappe, who won the fat appointment: winning the World Cup Golden Boots
To give up the opportunity to join Real Madrid, Mbappe’s reason to stay in Paris is not difficult to understand. After all, a contract with an annual salary of 100 million euros and a signing fee of 100 million euros may not happen for the second time in life.
Although he was finally the runner-up in the World Cup, Mbappe scored a hat-trick in the final, allowing Mbappe to harvest countless supporters. More and more people believe that the 24-year-old will be the leader of football in the next era.
05. Benzema, who won the Golden Globe, was injured in the last month.
The year 2022 was the pinnacle of life for Benzema, who won the title with his incredible performance in the knockout stages of the Champions League.
With an unshakable advantage to win the Golden Globe, Benzema is looking forward to using his own efforts to break the Golden Ball and defending champion curse.
As a result, the French team was not knocked down by the spell, but he missed the World Cup because of injury. Even more and more media revealed that Benzema could have stayed in the team, waiting for the knockout stage to return.
However, from the players to French coach Didier Deschamps, do not want Benzema to stay, so he can only watch his teammates reach the final, while the best record of the national team in his career can only be the World Cup quarter-finals.
06. Real Madrid standard Wang Qiong Ameni: gradually stabilize the main force of the national team
Before the summer window, Joan Ameni was just a newcomer to the French national team and was more likely to rotate or be on the bench.
As a result, his status soared after becoming the king of Real Madrid’s bid. Bogba’s injury allowed him to hold on to the main force of the French national team and follow the team all the way to the finals.
In particular, the wonderful long-range goal against England in the final 8 made Joan Ameni’s future brighter.
07. The old and strong Modric: teammates are a good goalkeeper
In addition to Argentina and France at the same time selected four people, Real Madrid also has three people on the list. In addition to Benzema and Joan Ameni, Modric is also proud.
Having won the second and second runners-up in two consecutive World Cups and followed Real Madrid to win the Champions League, the 37-year-old Modric proved that age is not the reason to defeat the superstar.
It is worth mentioning that Modric needs to thank himself for meeting excellent goalkeeper teammates on his way to success. Both Kurtuva and Livakovic are the key pillars of the team’s way forward.
08. Supernova Bellingham: to Real Madrid? Or go back to the Premier League?
Naturally, it is not only the veterans who are complacent, but the young people born after 00 are the protagonists of the future. Bellingham is a regular in Borussia Dortmund, gradually becoming the backbone of the Champions League, and this time he has come to the fore in the World Cup.
Unwittingly became the second person in England, before the World Cup, the Swiss Football Observatory selected him as the first player to participate in the World Cup, I do not know whether it is a discerning eye.
At the moment, Real Madrid want to buy him, I am afraid it will cost at least 100 million euros, which is even more affordable than the Premiership team snapping up.
09. Gwadior: a central defender worth more than 100 million.
Also shining in the World Cup is the Croatian centre-back Guardiol, the “parallel imports” of the European Cup, who became the best centre-back in the World Cup.
Manchester City and Real Madrid paid hundreds of millions of euros for him, so close to buying him before the World Cup that Chelsea are now out of the race.
10. Lisandro Martinez: both the national team and the club have reached a big step
Summer window moved to Manchester United at a sky-high price, and many people complained that Teng Hach used cronyism and did not expect Lisandro Martinez to win respect through his hard work and fighting spirit.
At the double red meeting with Liverpool, he was voted the best player for Salah, which was affirmed by everyone.
When he came to the World Cup, the centre-back once again brought a surprise. Although not the main force of Argentina, but coach Scaroni changed to three centre-backs, Lisandro-Martinez several times savior, so that countless fans unforgettable.
In particular, the “quasi-century goal” that blocked the Australian left-back became an unforgettable moment on Argentina’s way to win the championship.
11. Teo: not just a left-back
Maldini once thought that Special Olympics would become the top three left-backs in the world. At that time, everyone thought it was “every potter praises his pot”. Never wanted to play in Serie A, he directly played “not just a left-back” demeanor, becoming a major contributor to AC Milan’s return to the Serie A title.
When he came to the World Cup, because his brother Lucas was seriously injured, he suddenly became the main force of Special Olympics and became one of the heroes of France to enter the finals.
Among the players on the list are veterans like Lionel Messi, Benzema and Modric, as well as “newcomers” like Special Olympics and Martinez.
The road to success, after all, depends on your own efforts. Whether you are talented or weather-beaten, if you want to stand in the most beautiful position, you must pay enough efforts.