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The new Manchester United player who was scolded by Messi in the World Cup is actually the top rich second generation of the Netherlands

Manchester United, eager to find a striker, has officially announced the loan of Dutch international Weghorst.
This season, Weghorst, who played for Besiktas on loan, performed well, which made the Turkish club reluctant when Manchester United made a move.
Turkish media revealed that if Besiktas refuses to release the player, Weghorst will pay 4.5 million euros in compensation by himself.

4.5 million euros is by no means a small amount. Anyone who pays this huge sum of money needs to think twice.
However, Weghorst may not have such worries.
As a rich second generation, his family is fully able to afford this amount of money.
In order to realize the dream of a wealthy team, it is worth paying an expense. In the eyes of Weghorst, this kind of consumption is definitely worth it (the latest news from the British media said that Manchester United paid 2.5 million pounds in compensation, and this money will definitely not be worth it.
Horst paid out of his own pocket).

Born in a famous family, his football dream was once blocked

Weghorst was born into a wealthy family, and his family was one of the wealthiest families in the area.
According to research, the Weghorst family originated from Borne, an agricultural town in the Twente region of the Netherlands. AVIA-Weghorst Group was established in 1931. It is a large family business of the Weghorst family.
Fuel wholesale and natural gas business, at the same time, it also operates a number of projects such as charging stations and sustainable fuels.

Born into such a family, Weghorst’s parents were also successful people.
His father, Frans, ran an oil trading company. In the field of football, he ran for the position of general manager of the Twente club.
special heart”.
It is reported that Frans joined the Twente club’s supervisory board and provided the club with a financial rescue plan. When the club was in desperate need of funds, he used an agency to get the club 14 million euros in help.

(Weghorst’s brother, father and another corporate executive)

Weghorst’s mother, Astrid, is an executive of the AVIA Group.
The couple originally did not want their son to pursue a career in football, believing that becoming a professional footballer was an impossible dream.
Weghorst has three brothers. His eldest brother is a pilot who drives a Boeing 737, and his second brother is an architect.
Weghorst’s younger brother is learning to take over the family business. He currently holds a managerial position in the company and is also the company’s commercial director.
The identity of a football player is out of place in this elite family, but Weghorst’s persistence has moved his parents.

(Weghorst’s pilot brother)

Weghorst’s parents, who originally wanted their son to pursue a career more in line with the family, began to find ways to support his football career.
After convincing his parents, Weghorst is also very competitive. He obtained a degree in business administration and a top degree in sports management and entrepreneurship at the university. The first degree is related to his family business, and the second degree is closer to Weg.
Horst’s football career.

Family business with a very strong industrial chain

Since its establishment in 1931, the AVIA-Weghorst Group has always been a fuel supplier.
At first, they focused on coal and peat, and after World War II they began to focus on liquid heating fuels.
In recent years, with the emergence of new energy sources, they have undergone several transformations and developed a variety of clean energy sources with environmental protection effects.
AVIA-Weghorst has its own oil business in most of Europe, and they make a lot of money by supplying fuel to gas stations and wholesalers.

According to the company’s official website, they have 365 gas stations in the Netherlands and provide different types of electric car charging stations.
Such a scale makes AVIA-Weghorst Group well-known in the Netherlands.
Around the gas station business, AVIA-Weghorst Group has also developed sideline businesses such as catering and laundry.
The business is very flexible in how it operates and makes money, which also allows them to generate income in more ways.

At the same time, the company’s fuel card “AVIA card” can be used at more than 250,000 charging stations, more than 1,000 gas stations in the Netherlands, and more than 1,500 gas stations in other parts of Europe.
By using the “AVIA Card”, customers can obtain low refueling prices and high-quality services, which is also an important channel for the Group to obtain revenue.

Undoubtedly, although it is impossible to estimate the specific annual income of Weghorst’s parents, judging from the scale of the company he worked for and the positions of the couple, Weghorst lived a good life since he was a child, and his family conditions far surpassed that of his parents.
most people.

Adhere to the dream, play football to break through the sky

With Weghorst’s family conditions, he can choose to accept the arrangement of his parents to work in the family business and get a good salary.
But in the face of a football road that no one in the family has ever traveled, Weghorst used his persistence in exchange for his current achievements.
Now he is a Dutch international and is expected to join the giants Manchester United. As a football star, he has used his hard work in exchange for a lot of money and many honors.

Weghorst, who is over the age, has also formed his own happy family.
He and his wife Esch have been in love since 2011. In 2021, Weghorst successfully proposed.
The two had a son and a daughter, and lived a very happy life.
It is worth mentioning that, according to foreign media reports, Esch studied in China and studied at Nantong Textile Vocational and Technical College. After that, she applied technology in Saxony, the Netherlands.