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The reporter talked about the disagreement between Mourinho and the boss of Roma: If you can’t practice the three-year competition in Serie A, you should come forward to clarify

January 15th, there are recent rumors that Mourinho and the general manager of Roma have an equal
There are disagreements between the two sides, and there are certain differences in the views of the two sides on the transfer market.
In addition, Mourinho’s way of dealing with Karlsdorp’s problem has also been widely concerned by the media, and some people have commented that it may affect the unity of the team.
In the Italian Sky Sports column, reporter Mangiante wrote about Mourinho’s situation in Rome.

He believes that Mourinho is uncomfortable in Rome, but not because of Pinto or Karlsdorp, nor because of the transfer market, nor because of his relationship with the Roma club or the management team.
The most important problem is that Mourinho may have doubts about the effectiveness of the Roma team plan: Mourinho does not think that Roma can achieve the goal of winning the Serie A championship through the implementation of the existing team plan within 3 years

When Roma chairman Friedkin invited Mourinho to coach the team, he put forward an ambitious three-year plan. At that time, Mourinho’s ideas and strategic thinking were also very clear, that is, to complete
The psychological and spiritual construction of the team, improve the team lineup and structure in the second year, and try to win the Serie A championship, and then take winning the Serie A championship as the primary goal in the third year.

Now that this plan has been implemented for a year and a half, it seems that the project is not progressing smoothly, and has even stalled.
The problem is not only whether to strengthen the team’s lineup through signings in the winter window, nor is it like some media reports that Mourinho’s conflicts with Pinto and Karlsdorp have affected the team’s development and status.
In fact, Mourinho has a good relationship with the fans and the locker room, but the team’s construction problems are difficult to solve.
Squad and young players trying to win the Serie A title.
If the idea of ​​building a team changes, then the club level must come forward to clarify.

Roma is still practicing a sustainable development plan, but this should not be an obstacle to achieving common goals with Mourinho.
Looking at it now, Mourinho has discovered and trained many outstanding young players for Rome, such as Tahirovic, Bove, Volpato and Trippi, but it is difficult for him to win the Serie A championship through these players.
This is also the reason why Friedkin needs to come forward to clarify now. The current time node is very critical, and it is necessary to eliminate all differences and misunderstandings immediately.

Recent rumors that Mourinho may coach Portugal or Brazil national team, but has not been confirmed.
But the Roma club must clarify the issue with Mourinho face to face, convince him to believe in the team’s plan, continue to stay in Rome to coach, and complete the plan together.

At present, Roma has 17 matches, 9 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses in Serie A, ranking 7th with 31 points, scoring 21 goals and conceding 16 goals. On the offensive end, Roma did not perform well.
But now Dybala’s comeback has given the team more vitality. In order to achieve better results, while emphasizing the balance of offense and defense, can other offensive players (Abraham, Belotti, Shalawi) come up with good performances?
Performance will also be key.

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