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The success rate of the Premiership goalkeeper’s long pass this season: Edson ranked first by 52.5%, Lori ranked third and Allison ranked fourth.

The Premier League will return tonight, with Squawka counting the success rate of the Premier League goalkeeper’s long pass this season, with Edson in the top spot.
Edson (Manchester City), 52.5%
Mark Travers (Bournemouth), 48.5%
Lori (Tottenham), 46.4%
Allison, Liverpool, 45.9%
Guayita (Crystal Palace), 45.8%
Arreola, West Ham, 45.5%
7. E-Mendi (Chelsea), 44.2%
8. Neto (Bournemouth), 43.8%
9. David Raja (Brentford), 43.5%
10. Fabianski (West Ham) 42.3%