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The Sun: 45-year-old Shakira was photographed dating a 24-year-old surfing coach, but Shakira later denied it

January 2, when the famous singer Shakira is approaching the New Year, social media
The post stated: Even if someone betrays, you must continue to believe that tears will not flow in vain, which seems to be alluding to your predecessor Pique.
Pique started dating Clara, 23, immediately after splitting from Shakira in June.
Shakira’s post↓Although our wounds will continue to open in the new year, time has the hands of a doctor.
Even when someone betrays us, we continue to believe.
In the face of contempt, we must cherish ourselves.
Because there are always more good guys than bad guys.
There are always more understanding people than fools.
Our tears are not shed in vain, they water the soil of the future, make us better, and keep us loving after our hearts are broken.
Shakira ❣️——————— According to the "Sun" report, the 45-year-old Shakira has been photographed more than once dating the 24-year-old surfing coach Gorka Ezkurdia, but Shakira himself subsequently denied it.