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The Telegraph: Ronaldo was suspended for 2 games to continue, his first show may be a friendly match against Paris

January 5 News According to the "Daily Telegraph" report, although Ronaldo is currently playing
In the Saudi League, but because he was previously suspended by the FA for 2 games and was not implemented, according to FIFA’s rules, Ronaldo will continue to be suspended in the Saudi League, so Ronaldo’s Riyadh Victory team’s debut may be in 1
A friendly against Paris Saint-Germain on the 19th.

Cristiano Ronaldo was suspended for two games by the FA’s Independent Disciplinary Committee in November last year for knocking a small fan’s mobile phone into the air after a game against Everton last season.
However, Ronaldo then terminated his contract with Manchester United, and the two-game suspension has not yet been implemented.
According to FIFA Article 12.1, the suspension will continue to be implemented in the Saudi League after Ronaldo’s transfer.

Ronaldo is believed to have not completed the registration before the Riyadh Victory team’s game last Saturday, which means that Ronaldo’s 2-game suspension will be implemented from tonight’s game. After the 2 rounds, the last game of the Riyadh Victory team is
At 23:00 on the evening of January 21, the opponent is Dammam, but before this game, Paris Saint-Germain may come to Saudi Arabia for a friendly match, and Ronaldo may make his debut in Saudi Arabia in the game against Paris
On January 21, Ronaldo may make his official debut in the match with Daman.