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The three towns of Liu Dianzuo fought for the championship like a band of brothers. This is my best season

News on January 4 A few days ago, the goalkeeper of the three towns, Liu Dianzuo, accepted the invitation from "Sports Weekly"
In the interview, he expressed his views on the team’s championship, his own performance, and future career planning.

—-Talk about the feeling of winning the championship, and summarize the season

Liu Dianzuo: I still feel very honored. I came to the Wuhan Three Towns team in the first year and achieved such results.
Thanks to the boss and thanks to the club for their great support.
2022 is still a very difficult year for me. (I) suffered a back injury in the middle and had to rest for nearly two months. The recovery process was also quite torturous. I am still very happy to help the team win the championship in the final stage.

—-When did you realize that the three towns could compete for the league title?

Liu Dianzuo: Kick it to the back.
At the beginning (the team) just played in the Super League, I didn’t think so much.
It’s just kicking one after another, biting one after another, kicking to the back, I feel that the hope is quite high, and we need to fight for it with all our strength.
As for the specific time point, it will be in the last few games.
In terms of the process, our whole team needs to bite the bullet and play game by game step by step. It is still quite difficult during the period.
I remember the last few rounds, basically every day I had to watch the changes in the standings, and even analyze the schedule and situation in each round.

—-What is the reason why the team can successfully win the championship?

Liu Dianzuo: Very united.
From the very first game, like a band of brothers, no matter if we win or lose, we can survive. I am also very grateful to my teammates here.

—-Average of 0.7 conceded goals per game, 13 clean sheets are the best in the league, how do you think about your own performance?

Liu Dianzuo: First of all, regardless of the individual, such a result has a lot to do with the outstanding performance of the defenders in front of me.
Including us as a whole, it is with their help to ensure defense.
As for my personal performance, there are good and bad, and there are many opportunities to save more balls. Of course, I think this is already a good performance.

Perhaps my biggest advantage is that I am more comprehensive, without any particular strengths or weaknesses.
In terms of command, it may be one of the advantages.
In fact, in the national team, our goalkeepers all have their own characteristics.
For example, Yan Junling’s in-door skills, as well as Wang Dalei’s ball at his feet, command and his temperament are all worth learning from.
We all have our own characteristics, and we are learning from each other.

—-How did Ren Hang wear the captain’s armband after being injured?

Liu Dianzuo: At the beginning of the year, the team set up three captains, and I was the third captain.
After Ren Hang was injured, for me, the responsibility was greater. I needed to organize the team well, play every game well, and adjust everyone’s psychology and tactics well.
Well, the pressure will definitely be a little bit bigger.
Not only in the competition, but also in daily life, there is pressure, and it is necessary to take the lead.

—- How would you comment on your career?

Liu Dianzuo: (This season) can be regarded as (my) best season.
I have experienced too much this year, not only injuries, but also in the standings. This kind of competition situation is really anxious, until the mystery is finally revealed. This year is of great significance to me.

As for winning the championship in 2019, this year’s championship will be a little more difficult.
First of all, there are many injuries among the team, including ups and downs, so it is indeed not easy to win the championship this year.
And we are a new team (promoted in the Chinese Super League), it is still a very difficult year.
Whether it is in the game or in life, everyone’s mental state, especially in the final stage of the league, everyone’s psychological fluctuations, and the actual combat mentality and changes on the court need to be adjusted in time.
So I am very happy with the result.

—-What plans do you have for your future career?

Liu Dianzuo: I don’t want to set limits (in the future), but I still maintain a good physical condition and competitive state. One more day of playing is a day.
Now, I have played 16 seasons.
Played 20 seasons?
You can look forward to it.

I also hope that the Wuhan Three Towns team will get better and better. Not only will they win the Super League championship this year, but it will depend on the future.
It is hoped that the youth training echelon of the three towns will develop better and better, and provide more talents for the first team.
As an old goalkeeper, I will also help lead a group of young goalkeepers.