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The Times: 2024 is Southgate’s last chance, he can no longer waste England’s talent

December 19, the Times senior football reporter Henry Winter wrote that Euro 2024 is Southgate’s last chance, he can no longer waste England’s talent, he has to prove that he can win in key games.
The decision on Southgate’s fate will be scheduled for July 14, 2024 at 8 p.m. The location is well known, the Berlin Olympic Stadium. The obligation is clear to win the final of the European Championships.
Southgate decided to stay and manage this generation of outstanding players, now he must prove that he has the ability to coach in the big game, and he has 19 months to lead England to surpass him.
There are no more excuses. Southgate clearly believes he can lead England to their first trophy in 58 years in 2024, which is why he moves on. In the disappointment of fans and the former international, he could have resigned to keep his reputation intact, restoring a country’s pride in England jerseys because England played the best football in recent years.
Southgate has done a lot of good things and the players like to play for England. He has re-established the relationship between the team and the fans, and Southgate and his players are good role models in football. It is undeniable that he took a step in the right direction tactically, as his 4-3-3 formation was more active and released more offensive energy.
However, it is always England’s desire to win the competition. Southgate now has the last chance to do something with these good players, which means he will either lead England to the title or the manager’s reputation goes bankrupt in 2024.