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The Times: M-Silva brought Fulham from a relegation team to a team competing for the Champions League

January 5 The Times wrote that with Fulham’s
Level with Liverpool on points, Marco Silva has turned a relegation Fulham side into a Champions League contender.

The Times had this to say about Silva’s Fulham:

Fulham won their third Premier League game in a row on Tuesday night, leveling their points tally with Liverpool on 28 points and already leveling their previous total from relegation in the Premier League.

Supporters routinely serenade Silva while belittling his predecessor Parker.
They see very clearly that they finally have a manager who understands the club.

Rodak was a very competent goalkeeper when Fulham won the Championship last season, so the decision to sign Leno from Arsenal feels a bit redundant.
In fact, considering that Fulham’s chances of conceding goals this season are second only to Leeds United, Leno’s role in the team is decisive.

Palinha, Fulham only paid £20m for him from Sporting Lisbon, but his impact is huge.
The 27-year-old midfielder isn’t the most elegant passer, but he covers the pitch with intimidation and instinct.
He leads the list for the most tackles in the Premier League this season.

Fulham sold the talented Fabio Carvalho to Liverpool last summer, but Pereira is an excellent replacement.
James and Vinicius are less high-profile signings, but they’re still logical options off the bench.

Of course, for other Fulham players, they are all difficult to compare with Mitrovic, who is an idol at Craven Farm.
It’s not just because of his 11 goals so far this season, or the way he’s broken the record, but because he scares defenders and he gives his all in every confrontation with defenders.

The genius of Marco Silva is that he leads a team that can both show a beautiful attack against the weaker team, and also can fight with the opponent at a higher level.
This team is confident, switching back and forth between open play and tenaciously defensive play effortlessly.