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The Times: Saudi Arabia wants to co-host the first transcontinental World Cup with Greece and Egypt in 2030

December 19-after witnessing the success of the World Cup in Qatar, Saudi Arabia wants to become the second Arab country to host the World Cup, and they plan to persuade FIFA to let them co-host the World Cup with Greece and Egypt in 2030, the Times reported.
The successful hosting of the World Cup in Qatar will strengthen the determination of the Saudis to bring the World Cup back to Arabia as soon as possible.
After leaving for North America in 2026, the World Cup should return to Europe four years later. But Saudi Arabia is expected to provide a solution to the problem and plans to work with Greece and Egypt to host the 2030 World Cup. It will be the first World Cup to be held on three continents, but it will be opposed by Uefa.
For FIFA, the possibility of this remains to be seen, but the Saudis believe their chances have increased due to the success of the first Arab World Cup and Lionel Messi’s historic victory here.
According to sources close to Saudi Arabia, they will soon publicly announce their desire to host the World Cup as part of their 2030 life vision project.