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There is no mention of demotion! Fu Bo: thanks to the young players for risking their health to play the game!

December 27-in the 33rd round of the Chinese Super League, which ended this afternoon, Guangzhou lost 1-4 to Changchun Yatai, relegating one round ahead of schedule. After the game, Guangzhou team coach Fu Bo attended the press conference, but did not mention the team’s demotion.
Speaking of today’s game, Fu Bo said: “Today, I am very grateful to our players for taking risks and overcoming great difficulties to participate in the Chinese Super League in this special period. This is not only a test for young players, but also a kind of exercise. I have not encountered such difficulties in so many years, so the coaching staff is still very grateful for the team’s efforts.”
After the defeat, Guangzhou was relegated to Serie An one round ahead of schedule.
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