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Tianjin media: Guangzhou team may only hope to get back the adjustment fee if it loses its trusteeship.

December 28-according to the “Sports New Horizon” report, due to the loss of the possibility of trusteeship, if the Guangzhou team wants to participate in the Chinese League next season, its only hope is to get back the adjustment fee paid in the past.
Earlier, 16 leading cadres were seriously held accountable for the match-fixing incident in the men’s football group A (U15) final of the 16th Guangdong Games this summer, and the Chinese Football Association suspended its membership of the Guangzhou Football Association for two years. This means that the registration of relevant teams and players will be carried out in the Guangdong Football Association in the last two years. In addition, the so-called team is managed by the “Sports Bureau” and requires a balance of funds in the club’s account. Judging from the situation of all parties, I am afraid that the Guangzhou team does not have the conditions for trusteeship.
As for the fate of the Guangzhou team after its demotion, Tianjin media analysis believes that under the circumstances that the Evergrande Group will not continue to invest in the team, and the Guangzhou Football Association is unable to trust the team because of problems, the hope that the Guangzhou team will continue to participate in the Chinese League A next season seems to depend on the transfer adjustment fee that is expected to be obtained back. I have to say that the next Chinese Football Association’s plan to deal with the adjustment fee for the introduction of aid is likely to be directly related to the survival of this leading champion team.
(Nanling weeps)